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    The editor of International Journal of Modern Electronics and Communication Engineering (IJMECE) invites the authors for special issues on various topics that belong from electronics and communication. The special issue is published by the IJMECE to promote some special areas for research and to identify the proposals of the highest quality for publication.

    Most of the special issues have some criteria for outline of the paper that lay downs the key policy issues in the particular area (with proper references). All papers within the special issue should clearly highlight the address of one or more policy issues in the overview paper.

    Proposals should:

    • (1 )Specify the importance of the area and topics where the special issues are specified.
    • (2) Explain the projected involvement of the special issue in advancing and understanding the specified area.
    • (3) Classify authors and papers for possible enclosure in the special issue, with there brief introduction in this issue.
    • (4) Specify the time-slice in which the special issue could be generated (paper writing, reviewing, and submission of final copies to IJMECE) presuming the proposal is accepted.
    • (5) Within an issue of the journal, the editors of IJMECE also appreciate proposals for unique sections (include 3-4 papers with a brief Introduction). The methods for creating proposals and editing successful unique sections are the same as for unique issues, with the exclusion of the number of papers involved.

    Publication Charges:

    The publication charge for the special issues is free of cost + Certificate the month of publication of special issue is randomly changing every year and it will be highlighted in news and events column on the home page.

    For more details contact reseditorijmece@gmail.com